Monday, August 16, 2010

When Is The Best Time To Travel To Vilnius, Lithuania?

If you are interested in seeing Vilnius, Lithuania at its best, when is the best time to arrive?

Unless you are part eskimo, you will want to avoid the winter months. Vilnius, Lithuania is very cold from October until March and is not primte time for tourism.

On the otherhand, the best time to visit Vilnius, Lituania is June through August. During the summer months, Vilnius, Lithuania is really in its prime. During the summer months, weather in Vilnius, Lithuania is usually a comfortable 20-28 degrees celcius (68-82 Farenheit). Although summer rains and the occaisional summer thunderstorms are not unusal and you may experience some humidity the temperatures during the summer months are usually very comfortable.

At the same time, the summer months are times of many festivals. Summer is truely a delightful time to visit Vilnius, Lithuania


  1. From the many, many times i have visited Vilnius since 1993, a lot were during the cold months between October and March - and quite a few in December/January and i have always enjoyed it. If you are prepared to endure some serious low temperatures, of course wearing a warm parka or something similar, then Vilnius in winter (especially around christmas time) can be very enjoyable too. It's not entirely uncommon for temperatures to drop to -20ºC or even below, but seeing the city all dressed up for the season adds a lot to the experience. Most winters do have a certain amount of snow, and roads and sidewalks may become a bit slippery.

    Winter may not be prime time, but can just as well be a truly delightful time to visit Vilnius, Lithuania.

  2. Hi Theo:

    Thanks for your comments. It is true. Some people do enjoy extreme cold. If you like cold, you will like Vilnius in the winter because Vilnius has extremely cold winters. Brrr.

    I am not complaining, mind you. There are advantages. It is a lot easier to get a good table in a restaurant in the winter. :)