Vilnius is beautiful in the summer. Usually, summertime in Vilnius is sunny and warm.  The old city comes alive with outdoor cafes, street musicians and festivities everywhere.  But in the winter, the sun seems to abandon this place. It can be cold, dark and dreary for about 5 or 6 months a year. Somewhere around February or March, you start to crave sunlight.

Recently, I contacted some travel agents to inquire about flights to some winter sun destinations such as Tenerife. I was shocked to learn that charter airlines are demanding euro 600 PER PASSENGER!!! A family of 3 has to pay nearly 2,000 euro for flights alone??? Say WHAT?!? Who can afford that?

I do not get it. Ryan Air and Wizz Air compete to fly Lithuanians to virtually the same destinations, including Barcelona, Milan, London, etc. But neither offer an option to escape the long cold icy period. Go to Germany or the UK and there are countless low-cost airlines offering flights to the sun.  From this part of the world, nothing, zip, nada. So, naturally the local charter companies can charge whatever they want.

When will Ryan Air or Wizz Air offer a low priced flight to a winter destination from Vilnius? My guess is that if they did, those flights would sell out immediately.