Recently, our family visited Riga Latvia for the weekend and discovered a new way to travel the baltics, Lux Express.

In my university days, I traveled by bus because it was cheap. But it was far from comfortable. The bus seats were cramped, the journey was boring and every hour or so, the bus would make a “comfort stop” so the travelers could use the toilet. The bus stop would always be in the worst part of town. I could not imagine using the term “Luxury” and “Bus” in the same sentence.

But Lux Express has changed all of that! Wow, what a way to travel. When you get inside of a Lux Express Bus, you feel that you are sitting in a business class section of an Airbus. No kidding. The seats are large and comfortable with plenty of legroom. There is entertainment console on the back of the seat in front of you, with games, movies, music, etc. You are given headphones so you can listen to whatever you choose. There is open wifi so you can work on your computer. All of the information is available in several languages (I believe it was Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian, Russian and English). The bus driver was very friendly and “service oriented” and was able to speak a variety of languages.

There is a toilet on board which has the feel of an airplane toilet (a bit cramped, but clean). There is even a hot drink dispenser, giving out free cappuccinos and tea.

When you travel with airplane you have to arrive at the airport an hour early, go through security and after the flight you have to get from the airport to the city. With Lux Express, it is a much easier voyage because you arrive in downtown Riga. The taxi ride to our hotel took about 5 minutes. The seats are much more comfortable and with all of the entertainment on board, the travel time goes very quickly. I am sold on Lux Express and plan to use it exclusively for any voyages between Vilnius and Riga. For more distant journeys, I will probably stick with plane, simply because it is faster. But because there is probably very little time difference in traveling between Riga and Vilnius by airplane and Lux Express, then I would certainly choose Lux Express, because it is a much more comfortable way to go.

So, what did I think about Riga? More about that on a future post.