Vilnius has no shortage of pizza places. But which are the BEST pizza restaurants? Probably like most people, I like to consider myself an expert on Pizza. I have tasted pizza in many places around the world and have even attempted to make my own. The best pizza I have ever eaten was in Northern Italy in a suburb of Milan and perhaps the worst pizza I have ever eaten was in Athens, Greece.  That was more like a soggy cheese sandwich.

Here in Vilnius we have the entire spectrum from good to not so good to really bad. Let’s stay positive and focus on the best. Here are my favorite Pizza places.

The two best pizza places in Vilnius:

* Davino’s Trattoria on Didžioji 19/2. If you like a crisp crust like I do, ask it to be cooked “well done”. If you are looking for a good Pizza in the old town, this is your best bet.

* Vapinao’s Restaurant in Europa Mall. What I like here, is that you order the pizza directly from the Chef so you can get your pizza exactly like you ordered it. I have enjoyed several pizzas here and all have been excellent. Further, prices are great and atmosphere is relaxing.  The location in the Europa mall is not ideal and I keep hoping that Vapinao’s will open a location in the old town.

Least expensive pizza in Vilnius:

* If you are on a budget looking for the best pizza at the lowest price, try Charlies Pizza. There are two locations in the old town, one on Pilies Street and one on Vokieciu. Now these are not great pizza, but they are not bad, and some of them are really inexpensive, around 5 or 6 litas, or a fraction of the price you will pay at most pizza places.  It is also a very kid friendly restaurant and I come here often with my guy to play and eat. This place is so popular that it can often be difficult to find a seat.

The best non-pizza

Ok, it is not really a pizza but it is good anyway! At the Ida Basar cafe, you can get a “Tart Flambe“, which is sort of like a pizza and very tasty.

The best atmosphere in a pizza restaurant.

Pizza Jazz on Vokieciu has a classy feeling for a pizza restaurant, and if you are not too picky about your pizzas you may enjoy listening to Jazz music while dining. If you do not like their pizzas try the ribs. They are usually very good.