If you are an English speaker, you may wonder what you will do for fun in Vilnius? After all, many things that you might do back home (go to a play, see a comedy act, etc) won’t be interesting in Vilnius due to the language. But there are many things you can enjoy in Vilnius.

Vilnius Fun

In fact, you might have a better time in Vilnius, because things are relatively inexpensive. Here are just a few ideas:

* Visit a Vilnius nightclub. Vilnius has no shortage of fun nightclubs. I won’t list them all here, but one of my favorites and one of the most popular is Pablo Latino a popular Latin club. You don’t have to know how to dance salsa to go to Pablo Latino, but it helps.

* Go shopping in Vilnius. Women particularly love to shop. There are no shortage of shopping opportunities. I have listed the best shopping areas below in a separate section.

* Take the kids to a recreation center. All of the major shopping malls (Akropolis, Panorama and Ozas) have some kind of recreation area for kids. Some are for younger kids (Panorama) and some are for older kids (Ozas) so make sure you know where you are going.

* Go see a movie. Movies in Lithuania are usually in the original language with subtitles. So, for example, if you go to a Hollywood movie, it will be in English, if you see a German made movie, the language will usually be in German. There are some very nice movie theater complexes in Vilnius, such as at Akropolis shopping center and the Coca-cola plaza.

* Time your visit to see an outdoor festival. There are festivals year round in Vilnius, particularly in the summer. For example, during the festival of street musicians, there is music everywhere throughout the city. It can be so much fun to walk down the street and enjoy the different variety of street musicians. Or, for example, during “fashion night” there is a catwalk setup in the Town Hall Square. Fashion models parade up and down in amazing outfits.

* Rent a Segway. On Vilniaus street a company rents Segways, a high tech scooter like vehicle that balances you on two wheels. You can tour the city and have fun on a Segway, probably for a lot less money than you would pay back home.

* Go To Vichy Water Park. Visiting Vilnius with your family? Take the kids to a water park. The Vichy Water Park, set conveniently next to the Ozas shopping center is great fun for the entire family. Looking for something a bit more relaxing and spectacular? Take a day trip to Druskininkai or spend the weekend visiting the Spa at Vilnius Le Meridien Spa Hotel just outside of Vilnius.

* Shoot a target with a Kalashnikov rifle or handgun of your choice at a Vilnius Shooting Range.

* “Shoot your friends” with paintball.

* Go Carting: Carting can be an adrenaline rush. Think it is easy? It is not. Go too fast and you spin out and end up off the track. Go too slow and you get passed by a little old lady. There are at least two carting tracks in Vilnius. One is at Panorama Shopping Center. The other is located near the Antalkinis area.

* Go Ice Skating: The Akropolis Shopping Mall has an indoor ice skating rink built in the center. Just go to the Akropolis shopping mall. You can not miss it.

Visit Trakai: Trakai is a medieval castle which is open to visitors. It is not only fun to tour the castle, but you can also sit and enjoy the view from a lovely nearby restaurant. Trakai can be reached from Vilnius by tour bus, train or bus. Caution, the train and bus station are about a 20-30 minute walk from the castle. Depending on how fast you walk it is a bit further than you might expect. Caution, there are no taxis in Trakai. So, if you take a taxi there, you should plan in advance how you will return.

* Belmontas Park: Belmontas is a beautiful park / recreation complex just a few minutes drive from the old town. Enjoy grilled food while sitting outside in beautifully manicured, but natural surroundings. Read more about Belmontas Park. The service is bad, but what do you expect in the wilderness?

* Hot Air Balloon Rides: During the summer months, it is very common to see hot air balloons drifting peacefully over the old town. Often there are not one or two but the sky seems filled with them. Did you know that you can go for a hot air balloon ride in Vilnius? It is not as expensive as you might think, currently about euro 115. Read more about hot air ballooning in Vilnius

* Zeppelin Airship flights: Did you ever imagine flying in a Zeppelin? In Vilnius even that is possible, though at 1200 euro it is a bit pricey. Find out about taking a Zeppelin ride.

Best Shopping In Vilnius (ranked by distance from Old Town)
* Pilies Street
* Gedimino Street
* Europa Shopping Mall
* Panorama Shopping Mall
* Ozas Shopping Mall
* Acropolis Shopping Mall