Buses in Vilnius are cheap, but crowded. However, you do not have to be hearded like a cow in this city. Taxis in Vilnius are very inexpensive.

But there is one secret to cheap taxi fares. CALL FIRST. If you step into a waiting taxi, you will pay 5-10 times MORE than if you call. As an example:

* Get into a waiting taxi at the airport for to the old town: 50-70 Lita
* Call a taxi to come to the airport and go to the old town: 10-14 Lita

How can you call a taxi? Get a local SIM card from any Kiosk. A SIM card will cost you about 10lta and with the purchase you will receive nearly the same amount in free calls.

* What if you are at the airport and can not find a kiosk to sell you a SIM Card? Offer someone 10 Lta to call you a taxi. You will probably save 50 Lita

Which taxis company should you call? Our favorites are:
* Mercelita: 1444
* Ekipazes: 1446