Where To Eat In Vilnius

If you enjoy dining out, you are going to love Vilnius. Vilnius combines excellent quality restaurants at low prices. Why is Vilnius dining so good? Unlike many capital cities, Vilnius is not flooded with tourists. Restaurant customers are 95% locals. If the food is not good, the locals will quickly know and the restaurant will die a fast death. Vilnius is a place where only quality restaurants can survive. And the prices are a fraction of the costs in most European capital cities.

Do you want an example? A large beer 0.5 liter (16 ounces) typically costs 5 or 6 Lita in a Vilnius restaurant. That is approximately 1.5 euro or under $2. Can you buy such a beer in a restaurant near you?

But even with these low prices, there are budget restaurants which offer amazingly good quality food at amazingly low prices.

Best Budget Dining
These are quality restaurants which will serve a delicious meal for under 20 Lita:
* Dvaros: Possibly our favorite budget restaurant. Good food, low prices, friendly service. A perfect storm of budget dining.
* Cili Kaimas: Atmosphere and food are great. Unfortunately service is often poor. Two out of three isn’t bad.
* Ida Bazaar: A small but cozy cafe with a lovely view of the old town
* Art Cafe Creperie: Probably the best crepes in town. Small and cozy cafe with a local charm.

Best Elegant Dining
Some of the best and most expensive restaurants in Vilnius. But even though prices are high by Vilnius standards, they are probably much lower than you will pay back home for an average restaurant.
* Stikliai: Many consider it the best restaurant in Vilnius.
* La Provence: French Dining in Vilnius
* Labuki Sushi: Quality sushi with a view of the Town Hall Square
* Nauritas Hotel: Look for the business lunch during the week

Fine Dining at Low Price
The two restaurants below are every bit as romantic and charming as the restaurants above, but will probably cost about half the price:
* Csarda: Hungarian food in elegant atmosphere
* Felicie: Small, charming restaurant on Aušros Vartų

Fun Dining
* Belmontas: During the summer, you sit outside in paradise next to a water fall and they bring you tasty grilled food. What could be better? The service is terrible, but you can not have it all.
* Grill Brazil: Want to stuff yourself silly? This restaurant, located in Panorama Mall, is Vilnius’ all-you-can-eat mecca. What makes it fun is that waiters come non-stop to your table with skewers of grilled meat. A salad bar completes the deal and all of this for under 30 lita (less than 10 euro). You can not beat it.