There are no shortage of quality hotels in Vilnius. And the average costs for a night in a 4 or 5 star hotel is much lower, perhaps half the price that you will pay in most other capital cities.

Everyone looks for different things when reserving a hotel. To make the selection process easier, we have group under different catagories.

Most Central Hotels

All of the hotels below are not only located in the old town, but also they are located directly on the walking tour described in Things To See In Vilnius. I have listed them from south to north, starting from the hotel closest to the Gate of Dawn (Europa Royal) and ending with the hotel closest to Gedimino (Klaipeda). All of these hotels, however, would be considered VERY centrally located and well located. You can easily walk everywhere and feel very safe when staying in any of these hotels:

* Europa Royale Vilnius
* Ida Basar hotel
* Ramada Vilnius Hotel
* Radisson Blu Astorija Hotel (careful there are now two Radisson Blu Hotels in Vilnius and one is not central)
* Narutis Hotel
* Atrium Hotel
* Klaipeda Hotel

Best Hotels To Relax

* Le Meridien: Are you coming to Vilnius to enjoy the old town? Then don’t stay at the Le Meridien, it is located outside of the Vilnius city limits. However, if you are looking for relaxation and rest, this is one of the best values in town. Read more about Le Meridien
* Hotels in Druskininkai: Druskininkai is a spa village located about 1-2 hours out of Vilnius. This is the place that Lithuanians go to relax and unwind.

Cheap Sleep

Simple accommodations, but inexpensive and (relatively) centrally located:
Old Town Hostel: Located just outside the gates of dawn, in the “new town” but only 100 meters or so to the old town.
Eugenijus Apartments: Centrally located near in the old town and not far from Gedimino.

Best Hotel Bargains

When we first started to visit Vilnius, we found that we could get the best hotel bargains by writing and asking. It is rare in other cities, but in Vilnius you can often get discounts and bargains simply by asking. Create a standard letter and email it to 10 or 20 different hotels and you will get some very interesting responses. Once we managed to reserve a penthouse hotel with a view of the old town and sauna in the room for only 50 euro. You may not get such a bargain, but you will never know until you try.